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Cassandra Clare signing in Nashville, TN

So in Nashville, Cassandra Clare came to visit and sign books. My friend Chelsi and I went to the Barnes and Noble, and it was so much fun. I won a key chain by asking a question and Cassie Clare signed all 9 of my books (three were duplicates for my brother for Christmas) which was pretty awesome since there were so many people waiting. Plus there was the guy who played Will in the Clockwork Prince book trailer there too, and I got a picture with him.

My question for Cassie Clare was:

Me: “You like angsty guys a lot. How do you make them angsty and dark without making them whine?”

Cassie: “I think it’s important to have main characters focus on people they care about and try to have the angst as a side story. Caring about others should propel them more than their own selfish wants.”

So she took a lot of questions (most of which were irrelevant and were more along the lines of “OHEMGEEE is there gonna be another book soon?!11!/1?!) and then we lined up and she signed. I told her that City of Bones got my brother reading  since it was on his summer reading list and she was delighted. I can’t wait to give my brother the signed books, he should be so happy. She was also giving out signed posters that had the image on the top of her blog saying “SHADOW HUNTERS LOOK BETTER IN BLACK” which is currently hanging on my wall.

So, onto the pictures! I’m in scrubs because I came right from working at the hospital so I look a little dirty, but hey. The actor who played Will said I was highly dedicated (ah, flirting from younger guys. I am 22, whether or not I look it!), but he was super nice so I decided to be flattered. =)

I was so happy to meet her, she was one of the kindest and most down to earth people I’ve met. If you get the chance, definitely go and meet her!



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