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StImagears: 3.5/5

Format: Kindle ebook via NetGalley

Read: August 12, 2013

Water is an interesting spin on a “fantasy/magic” book. It started out a bit stilted, with the main character Kaitlyn being kidnapped and held against her will in the span of a few pages. Read a few more pages, and she’s no longer there against her will. It all happened kind of fast, but at the same time I was hungering for answers, so this fact didn’t warrant much notice.

Pretty early on, the boundaries are set. Micah is the hot, older one that can calm Kaitlyn down with physical contact (preferably a kiss, obviously). Shawn is the evil-to-the-bone antagonist who would rather torture Kaitlyn and probably pulls the wings off of insects in his spare time. Micah, of course, is Kaitlyn’s “helper” with channeling her power. Shawn, of course, is the one who can put a damper on her powers. Okay, C- for originality, but characters don’t always make the storyline, so I kept going.

The book warns of sexual content before you start the book, so the fairly descriptive sex/nude/naughty scenes did not take me by surprise and I skimmed until the story continued. This happened maybe five or so times throughout the book. What was kind of a downer throughout the book was the fact that despite my consistent attempts, I just couldn’t connect with Kaitlyn. She lacked a “spark” and her emotions were… flat. She never seemed very bothered either way that she kept being kidnapped and held against her will for more than a year. There was no happiness but no frustration either. She was very disconnected with her surroundings. Whether or not this was intentional, I have no idea. It just didn’t seem to go very well with the story of a girl who is tough.

All in all, there was enough intriguing things in this book that I think there’s a good chance that I will pick up the sequel. I just really hope I’ll get hooked a bit more the second time around.

I only received a free ebook of this title in exchange for a review. No other recompense was received.


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August 18, 2013 · 5:55 PM


 Stars: 3.5/5

 Format: Paperback

 Read: February 28, 2012

Unfortunately, this is one of those books that you imagine is so much better than it actually is. Sadly, my imagination and reality weren’t even on the same planet. That’s not to say this isn’t a good, solid book because it is. But it is just so… well bland.

It starts out a little shaky but solid, with Dez and her friends the triplets and everyone is about to have their world shatter with their enemies hunkering down in the same city, yadda yadda. But then it turns and becomes a sort of forbidden romance (very VERY watered down romance) and BAM there’s the war tearing people apart, etc. It was so very much like reading a book made for elementary students in that there’s main events but hardly anything linking the events together and plot twists are almost entirely missed because you’re so confused on how the story had gotten to that certain part in the first place. I was being ‘told’ and not shown much of the time and it just felt so off.

Even the characters felt like they had a huge major chunk missing. It felt like it was more important to have a good solid page count rather than solid characters. I know I’ve said before in my prior reviews that characters are the most important part to me of a story and I felt like I got nothing from any of the characters than I did from their introduction in the beginning.

Plus the folklore of the guardians of Egyptian pharaohs or whatnot was nonexistent. There’s a mention of the ‘ancient ways’ in passing maybe a handful of times throughout the book. I felt that it was odd to not have the premise of the book actually in the book. That may be part of what made the book very unbelievable to me, but it was unfortunate because so much could have been done with this idea.

I wouldn’t recommend buying this book to anyone really just because I am more neutral to it than anything. I’d borrow it or buy it used simply because I was so indifferent I’m not sure if it was worth it for me to buy it full price. I love the cover though, it’s very stunning.

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 Stars: 3.5/5

  Format: Audio book

  Read: February 18, 2012

I got this audio book mostly because it’s read by Ellen DeGeneres. I love her, I think she’s hilarious, and so I thought that she’d be great to listen to as if she were putting on a show on CD. This is not the case.

Unfortunately, as much as I love Ellen, her audio book sounds stilted like, well, she’s READING it. The jokes are a little like jokes you plant in a speech that has a monotonous edge to it that totally ruins the entire thing.

The entire book wasn’t like that, but the lead up to the punch line falls flat when she can’t get that “I’m reading you a funny joke but I have to be careful I don’t spit in the microphone so I’m going to read with one tone of voice for places I might spit whilst laughing” out of her voice! It’s so frustrating!

The book itself was a compilation of seemingly random chapters, some very short and some long. There’s a long period of silence for a ‘meditation’ period as well as one chapter she says ‘hey, look in the printed copy because we’re gonna skip reading them here’ (this is the ‘text lingo’ chapter). Luckily, I had access to the book, but it’s kind of a waste of your time to try and track it down. There’s also a chapter that is all about sounds which is perfect for the audio book and not so much for the printed version.

Plus, it’s short. I mean, REALLY short. Like we’re talking three hours short. And I honestly didn’t like it enough to listen to it again. It is definitely a woman-empowering book and some of the chapters I laughed out loud but most I really wanted to skip.

I’d borrow it from the library before you decide to buy the audio book. But a decent read nonetheless.

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