About YukinaKid

I’m YukinaKid! I’m a 23 year old graduate student studying biomedical sciences. After I graduate in June 2015, I am going to medical school to become a medical geneticist. I’m an avid reader and use reading as an escape from my brain hemorrhagic-inducing classwork.

All of my reviews are spoiler free and I am not paid to write any of them. If I received a copy for free to review, it will be stated at the end of the review. I am also very html-hindered and have no idea how to make my blog look unique and awesome.

I have accounts all over, all with usernames of YukinaKid. I can be found mostly on GoodReads as all the books I read I do not necessarily review.


2 responses to “About YukinaKid

  1. Where can I send a review copy or email an eBook to you? If this book is of interest, I’ll be happy (as the author’s agent) to do so. No obligation, of course.


    • yukinakid

      Thank you for the offer!

      Whatever is easiest for you to send, I will accept! Although I’d rather not list my snail mail address here, I will certainly give you my email and if you’d like to send a physical copy I will provide it for you! I would love to review that book, it sounds wonderfully interesting!

      miraitrunksgirl2 @ yahoo . com (without the spaces)

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