Stars: 4/5

 Format: Hardback from the library

 Read: June 2, 2012

I have had my eye on this book for a while and, seeing as my summer vacation has begun, I checked it out at the library. The synopsis was interesting if a little cliched, so I gave it a chance. Luckily, this book was a fairly strong hit!

Charlie, our heroine, was independent and didn’t take crap from anyone which is always a good foundation to begin with. She was loyal to a fault to her silent but adorable four-year-old sister and did a very good job hiding her talent of understanding languages she shouldn’t know. Brooklyn her best friend was a shallow girl with depth; she didn’t feel like a bunch of cliches thrown together and she complimented Charlie very well.

However, though I loved the romance, it was just too flat. I felt that it was a beautiful and lyrical story covered with a thin veneer of grime that didn’t let through all the shine. Plus, the villain was lacking. That could have been because we hardly got to see about the queen, but I just wasn’t fearing for anyone’s life from her. I get it; she’s ancient and big and bad and has magic that can kill, but I was left asking “so what?”. There were also weird random chapters from either Max’s or the Queen’s perspective in the third person (as opposed to first person with Charlie’s chapters) which were nice, but not consistent and, like I mentioned, not in the first person. It didn’t ruin the flow of the book too much, but didn’t exactly add too much to it either. Most of Max’s chapters happened before you really knew or cared about him and the effect was kind of wasted.

It was a bit predictable and wasn’t anything super wowing and going where no dystopian has before, but it was a good ride. If there is a sequel, I will read it. But it didn’t make much of an impression. A good two or three day read while waiting for a new summer release.


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