Stars: 4/5

 Format: Hardback

 Read: May 9, 2012

I wasn’t very impressed with this book as DIVERGENT. Granted, I read DIVERGENT over a year ago, but I don’t remember the characters being so… flat. Tris was suffering PTSD the entire book, with good reason, but the spark that made the characters come to life and envelop me wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened between this book and the previous one, but while it was good enough to read, I tore through it desperate to prove to myself that it was me and not the book that was lacking.

I understand the liberties the author took in not “recapping” what happened, and it was very nice not to waste thirty or so pages doing that, but I also think that you can transition better than that. The entire time Tris was in her own mind (which did get annoying, but at least it was accurate) I wanted to slap Four and ask him exactly when he became lackluster and started to be distant. I found myself just simply not caring, no matter how much I struggled against that feeling.

Four stars because it is decent, long, and does give you a little reward for reading it. There’s reconciliation, tiny bits of character building, and some new characters I found I liked. But it was just a book that left me with little memory of what I read, even though I read it as slowly as I could stand.

Read if you liked DIVERGENT and hope that you feel the same good vibe I do for the next book, because otherwise it would be such a shame to waste such potential.


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