Stars: 4/5

 Format: Hardback

 Read: March 15, 2012

This was an interesting read. I got a free copy from the publisher to review and it’s been sitting on my shelf for a few months. I finally had enough spare time to read it and it only took me about a day or so to finish it.

This is more of a psychological thriller than a haunting, though it’s also both and neither. An enigma, if I were to pinpoint a word for it. The book takes you through a stressful move to a new apartment, but time moves very fluidly. For instance, one week happens in about fifty or so pages whereas three weeks can happen in less than twenty pages. In the first week, the base of the whole story is built and after that subsequent turmoil builds from there.

I haven’t read many psychological thrillers (I’m more of a ghost/haunting/paranormal girl myself) but the book also includes a very twisted dash of paranormal to keep me hooked. This is a book I could read in the dead of night and not scare myself silly (not a frequent occurrence, mind you)and in fact did read well into the night. I honestly didn’t foresee circumstances entirely, which kind of added to the addiction of knowing you were half right but not knowing what you missed or why.

It did, in my opinion, end abruptly and yank me to a close when there were still some significant (in my mind) plot threads that needed tying, but I don’t think I wasted my time in reading it. Keep in mind the F word is sprinkled throughout, but less so than say a Rizzoli and Isles novel. In fact, I liked it better than a procedural because, well, there’s more action and less contemplating one’s navel. If you enjoy mild psychological thrillers or just are looking for a book suitable to kill an afternoon, this is a great book for you.


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