Of Books and Soul Crushing Majors

So according to GoodReads I have written precisely 91 book reviews. When I get to 100, I am going to do a giveaway. Unfortunately, I have very little in terms of things that might be worthy to give. Currently, I have the three Lord of the Rings movies (not extended) and a copy of Human.4 and possibly a 4 x 4 in. painting of the winner’s choice. This is something that has yet to be decided so I will keep you updated.

As the title indicates, I have a soul crushing major. More specifically, I have a soul crushing requirement for my major. This soul crushing requirement is commonly known as Organic Chemistry. I am sure you have a vague idea of what that is. If you do not, be assured that it is not something to be ashamed of as it is not spoken of very often when you’ve passed the class. It might also go under the alias of ‘It That Must Not Be Uttered Unless Under Duress’. Anyhow, it’s basically a foreign language with no rhyme or reason to it and makes your soul cry on a frequent basis. It is also the reason I have been sucked of any creativity and energy.

In order to heal my damaged soul, I must impart on you some organic chemistry. I mostly understand what’s happening here and can give you an explanation if you so desire.

I feel better, thank you. At any rate, I have treated myself to some books. I went three whole weeks without buying new ones (I don’t let myself do so until I’ve read the majority of the first batch which consequently only contains two to three at a time) and felt that after at least four hours a day studying that (I am referring to that horrible image above this text) I needed some healing instruments.

I have bought myself THE COMPLETE POEMS OF EMILY DICKINSON (I could quote ‘I’m Nobody, Who Are You?’ when I was seven. I adore the woman. I believe we would have gotten along very well together), DESTINY’S FIRE by Trisha Wolfe, and THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett. I’ve been meaning to actually read THE HELP for quite some time and was discouraged by the price until I got a used hardback version. I’m fairly delighted to have these at my disposal and hopefully they will last me more than three weeks. I was also very tempted to buy THE COMPLETE SHERLOCK HOLMES by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but talked myself out of it until I get paid again (which isn’t for another two weeks, but that is definitely sufficient and we will not let my brain know of this).

I am by no means an impulse buyer and quite often I stare at a selection of books (that I’ve narrowed down by reviews, naturally) for hours on end before deciding which I would buy and how many I can afford. (This does not apply to authors I’ve already read and loved, they automatically go in the ‘buy now’ and bump off a new candidate.)

I probably shouldn’t impart my ramblings to those few who look at this blog, but I am feeling particularly  poetic and shall impart my thoughts anyways.

Keep watch for when I hit 100 reviews! Perhaps by that time I’ll have found better prizes.


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