Stars: 5/5

 Format: Hardback 

 Read: January 24, 2012

There are hardly words to describe how much I adore this book. I am just at a loss.

First, I’m fairly certain it’s a stand-alone, which actually works out very well. This is the way the story needed to be; it just feels so right. But just in case you were wondering, I have now dispelled that curiosity.

Second, I LOVE every single character in this book. Every one. I am not kidding. Is it a lyrical masterpiece that will go down in history as a “classic”? Probably not. But it’s real. The characters had depth (although I didn’t pay much attention to Zak, the original boyfriend person, so I suppose I could be wrong about him) and personality and REALNESS to them. Lenzi was a “typical” girl by being slightly “atypical” and aptly side-stepping stereotypes at the last minute instead of making large swerves around them. Something about that “oh I know who she’ll be… wait no. Oh but it could go this way…. oh. I guess not.” It was just a fascinating take on how to make a heroine.

And Alden. Oh Alden. He is the kind of boy that is perfect right where he is. I have no impulse to “re-imagine” him in a different setting with a different character, nor do I have any “crush” on him in the same regard that one would not desire a married man (metaphorically and all). He fit so seemlessly, so absolutely perfectly, but in a toned down “breath of cool air after you’ve endured a long winter” sort of way.

There were parental figures (that actually were present and normal), families, friends, and even the ghosts had personalities. Lindsey definitely did something right when she wrote this book. I am seriously SO in love. I devoured this book and can see myself re-reading it over and over again (whereas some of the books I loved I felt I had found all the mysteries in their pages reading them only once and they sit, untouched, on my bookshelf) with an insatiable appetite every time.

I will now read anything Mary Lindsey writes, no matter what it might be.


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