Review: Vampire Assassin

Stars: 3/5

Format: Kindle version

Read: July 31, 2011

I got this book free from in exchange for a review.

This really turned me off for the first half of the book. The character is talking to you, the audience not thinking to herself. I do not like the character including me in the story so blatantly.

However, looking past that, the story started fairly interestingly, as a vampire assassin.

And then turns 360 and becomes a love story and how she turned into a vampire. Which is fine and all, but the title is “vampire assassin” and doesn’t mention a reason why she became one. It just ends with the tragic love story. So while the love story was unbelievably sweet and much more realistic than the Twilight series, the story only gets three stars because of the point of view and the fact that the assassin part is never explained in this first part.

I’d probably recommend you read it if you can get past the odd point of view just for the sweet love story, but don’t expect too much. The love story is very two dimensional, though sweet, because it’s a memory and not happening play-by-play. I think that if it was more of a flashback, where the character was “living” in the moment it would have done a whole lot better.


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